Animals With Blue Eyes :11 Animals With Pictures

Blue eyes are very rare in nature. The only animal species known to have blue eyes is the human being. What other animals can have blue eyes?

Animals that have blue eyes usually have mutations in their MC1R gene. This causes them to produce less melanin. Blue eyes are also associated with albinism, a condition where individuals lack sufficient amounts of melanin.

Animals With Blue Eyes

Siberian Husky 

Siberian Huskies are a breed of dog native to Siberia. They are known for their unique appearance, including their large size, long legs, and dark brown or black fur. Their coats come in various colors, from white to red, but they always have bright blue eyes.

Siberian Huskies are famous for their beautiful blue eyes, but did you know they also come in brown and black? What color do Siberian Huskies really have?

They were originally bred to hunt wolves. The breed was developed by Russian Cossacks who wanted a dog that would be able to survive in harsh conditions.

The puppies usually have blue or gray eyes, but some have brown or hazel eyes. They are known to have a distinctive white mark under their eye.

Siamese cat

Have you ever wondered why Siamese cats have blue eyes? Well, it turns out they don’t really have blue eyes at all. They are born with brown eyes, but their irises turn blue after birth.

The Siamese breed originated from two separate breeds: the Egyptian Mau and the Oriental Shorthair. These two breeds were brought together to create the Siamese breed.

Siamese cats have blue or grey eyes because the coloration comes from the coat. This means that the color of the eye depends on the type of fur on the cat’s body. If the cat has long hair, then its eyes will appear darker.

White Vienna Rabbit 

White Vienna Rabbits are very rare and they are also known as Blue Eyes Rabbits. They are also called as Blue Eyed Rabbits. These rabbits are very beautiful and their color is white. The eyes of these rabbits are also blue.

Vienna Rabbit is a breed of rabbit developed from crossing two other breeds, the New Zealand White and the Californian Rex. This breed was created in Austria in the early 20th century.

They are very friendly and they love to play with children. They are very intelligent and they are great pets. They are also very good at catching mice.

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Great Dane

Great Danes are known for their big brown eyes, but did you know they can also come in blue? What color eyes does your dog have?

Great Danes are large dogs that originated from Denmark. They are known for being friendly, loyal, and intelligent. The breed was originally bred for herding cattle and hunting game.

Most Great Danes are born blue eyed and then turn brown as they age. Though in the Harlow Great Danes — one the largest breeds of dogs—their eyes can remain blue throughout adulthood.

Blue eyed Great Danes are rare, but they do exist. 


Dalmatians are a breed of dog known for their distinctive coat color and large size. They come in several colors, including black, brown, red, white, and sable.

But did you know that Dalmatians also have blue eyes?  In fact, Dalmatians can have blue eyes, too. And they can even have both blue and brown eyes. This is because Dalmatians have two genes responsible for eye color.

One gene determines whether a puppy will have blue or brown eyes. The other gene controls the amount of pigment in the iris.

Do Dalmatians have different colored eyes? Yes, they do! The color of Dalmatian’s eyes depends on whether the dog has blue or brown eyes. If the dog has blue eyes, then the iris will be light blue. However, if the dog has brown eyes, then the irises will be dark brown.


Rabbits are cute little creatures, but they also happen to be very intelligent. They can recognize human faces, remember where they live, and even play games. But did you know that rabbits have blue eyes?

The most common color in rabbits’ eyes is brown. After brown, the second most popular color is amber, followed by light blue. Here’s a handy bullet point list that goes in order starting with common to rare eye colors.

Rabbits are cute animals, but did you know they also have their own unique eye colors?

The rabbit eye color chart has four main categories: blue, brown, hazel, and green. Each category contains several shades of each color.

Sphynx cats

Sphynx cats are known for their large heads and long ears. They also have blue eyes. What color are they really?

Sphynx cat breeds originated from Egypt and were originally bred for hunting purposes. Today, these cats are kept as pets around the world. These cats are very affectionate and friendly.

They can display a unique trait called heterochromia, which causes each eye to be a distinctly different color from the other. Other common Sphynxes include blue, copper, yellow, golden, orange, green, or red.

Sphynx cats have excellent vision. They also have a high tolerance for light and noise, which makes them great pets. However, they are sensitive to temperature changes, so keep them indoors during cold seasons.

Mountain Lions

Babies are born camouflaged. These spots fade after six months. Their blue eyes turn yellow eyes at the age of 16 months old. Mountain lions are usually solitary by nature

Mountain Lions have brown eyes. They also have long tails, which they use for balance when jumping from tree branches. The color of their fur depends on where they live.

In the mountains, they are black. In California, they are tan. And in Arizona, they are light gray.

Mountain lions have excellent eyesight. They can see well at night and during the daytime. Their eyes are also sensitive to movement and they can spot prey from long distances.

blue-eyed black lemurs

Blue eyed black lemurs have brown eyes. They have blue irises due to light reflecting off their dark fur.

Blue eyed black lemurs live in Madagascar, where they are also known as the world’s rarest primates. They were first discovered in 1913, when a hunter caught one and brought it back to his village.

The hunter was surprised to find out that the lemur had blue eyes, which made him famous among scientists.

There are only about 2,000 blue-eyed black lemur left in the wild.

They live in Madagascar, which is why they are called “blue-eyed” lemurs. The population has been declining for decades due to deforestation and poaching.

Australian shepherd

Australian Shepherds eyes may turn from brown to blue when they reach adulthood. However, this is rare. Most dogs do not change eye color until after they are mature adults.

Do all Blue Merle Aussies have blue eyes? Yes, all Blue Merles do have blue eyes. The color of the eye depends on the breed of dog. Some breeds have brown eyes, some have hazel eyes, and others have blue eyes.

Australian shepherds have excellent vision, which is why they are used for police work, search and rescue, and other types of law enforcement. They also excel at tracking down lost animals.


Have you ever wondered why some human beings have blue eyes and others don’t? Well, it turns out that genetics play a huge role in determining eye color.

Blue eyes are the most common eye color in the world, though they only account for 2% of the population. The rest of us have brown or hazel eyes.

Eye color isn’t determined by genes alone. There are also environmental factors at play. For example, light exposure during pregnancy can affect eye color.

Humans with blue eyes are usually considered attractive, intelligent, and successful. In reality, however, they are often victims of discrimination and prejudice. 

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What Animals Eyes Glow Blue?

Have you ever wondered why some animals’ eyes glow blue? The answer lies in their vision system.

Animals see colors differently from humans. They perceive color through wavelength rather than intensity. This means they don’t see red or green light as the same thing. Instead, they see the wavelengths of light that make up each color.

Blue-eyed animals have evolved to see better at night because they live in dimly lit environments. Their eyes reflect the blue part of the spectrum, allowing them to see further into the dark.

What animals’ eyes reflect blue at night depends on their color vision. White eyeshine is found in many fish, especially Walleye.

Blue eyeshine is found among mammals, including horses. Yellow eyeshines occur in mammals, such as cats, dogs and raccoons and red eyeshine is found on rodents, opossums, and birds.

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