Can Komodos Dragons Be Pets ? 10 Reasons Why It’s Illegal To Keep

Humans enjoy keeping a variety of animals as pets, especially those that are intelligent, strong, and provide companionship to humans. In this regard, when we think of Komodo Dragons as pets, most people envision them as larger, and stronger animals to keep in their gardens as pets.

In this regard, we will look into a variety of topics concerning Komodo Dragons such as Is it legal to keep them as pets and other fascinating facts about Komodo Dragons.

Can Komodos Dragons Be Pets? No, Komodo Dragons can’t be kept as pets because they belong to endangered species and also dangerous animals that can attack any animal, including the caretaker, with a venomous bite resulting in death. And are also illegal to keep them as pets.

Yes, It is a bad idea to keep them as pets since they have venom, deadly bacterias, require a lot of space, food attention, training, and it belongs to the endangered species list.

Reasons why Komodo Dragons shouldn’t considered as Pets

  • Komodo Dragons are illegal to keep as pets: Komodo Dragons  are illegal to be pets because they are venomous lizards, which means keeping them as pets can be extremely dangerous since they can give bites containing venom in their saliva, which can result in death whether deliberately or accidentally.
  • Komodo Dragons are endangered species: Any species or animals that are on the endangered list are illegal to keep as pets. 
  • Komodo Dragons require a lot of space: Since they are wild animals, they require a lot of space to feel their territory.
  • Komodo Dragons need a lot of meat: Komodo Dragons are known to eat the meat that is equal to 80% of their body weight. However, Other carnivores may not eat this much meat, For example lion, Seal, Bear and wolf.
  • Komodo Dragons are dangerous animals: These are more dangerous than the  King cobra and a Lion as Komodo Dragons  have Deadly mouth bacteria that could bring disease, give stronger bites, that could tear bone and muscles apart, while also inserting venom into the body and have sharp claws and long muscular tails that could harm.
  • Komodo Dragons are dangerous in many ways: That is because of the following subjects. Such as deadly bacterias present in their mouth, venomous bites they can give to the intruders and preys as well, and so on. 
  • Komodo Dragons carry deadly mouth bacteria: Komodo Dragons carry deadly bacteria that are extremely harmful to prey, but not to the Komodo Dragons because they are resistant to them. These bacteria are transmitted to the body of the victim through bites from the Komodos.
  • Komodo Dragons can produce strong bites: They can produce powerful bites that can tear bones and muscles apart, causing death in humans by physical harm.
  • Venomous bites: Apart from the physical harm they can do, What matters most is their venomous bites, which are deadly and can paralyse the victim’s muscles leading them to death.
  • Sharp claw and heavy tails: The Komodo Dragons have sharp claws and heavy tails that can really hurt any animals that are weak or small causing death to them.

Are Komodo Dragons Dangerous To Human Health?

Yes, Apart from their venomous bite, Komodo Dragons have sharp claws, heavy tails that can hurt humans intentionally or unintentionally while handling or taking care of them. The deadly mouth bacterias can bring disease to humans as well as other surrounding animals.

Why Are Komodo Dragons Illegal to Keep As Pets?

The government strictly restricts Komodo Dragons as pets, because they can give venomous bites that can cause instant deaths, while also belonging to the endangered species category, and have deadly bacteria in their mouth that could spread diseases to humans and other pets.

How much does it cost to buy a Komodo Dragon?

The reliable price of the Komodo Dragon is not available anywhere, as they belong to endangered species, dangerous animals and are illegal to trade. However, If you could manage to buy them at any price then you have to face the government,  As they are illegal to keep as pets.

Can you train a Komodo dragon? Yes, We can train a Komodo dragon, and a zookeeper or animal trainer can train them better than we can. But, Once they have been tamed, they are still dangerous to humans and other pets, because they are lizards, not domestic animals like dogs and cats.

Why and How Do Komodo Dragon Fight?

The Komodo Dragons fight with animals and also with other Komodo Dragons during competition for Foods, Mates, Protecting their young ones, and Territory. These fights involve attacking the animals and other Komodo Dragons with venomous bites, sharp claws and even through their strong tails.

1. Fight for a Mate: The male Komodo Dragons fight badly among themselves to prove their power and superiority within the community of male Komodo Dragons in order to gain a female partner for mating. This entails or involves battling with their powerful tails, claws, and bites.

2. Fight for a Food: When food is scarce, they battle each other for it, and while consuming the food, they may give a stronger kick through their tail and can attack with claws to a neighbouring Komodo Dragons that is either eating or attempting to steal one anothers meat.

3. Fight for Protecting themselves or their young ones: You already know that these Komodo Dragons are voracious eaters who will devour anything that comes their way; but, since they are cannibals, that is, they can attack and eat other Komodo Dragons that are weak or young. This might lead to internal fighting in order to defend the young Komodo Dragons from other hungry Komodo Dragons.

What Can Komodo Dragons Do ? (Abilities of a Komodo Dragons)

1. Komodo Dragons Are Capable of Swimming: Not always, but in order to locate escaped predators after giving a venomous bite to them, causing them to slow down and die somewhere. Once the prey goes into water, these Komodos will be able to locate escaped prey even in water, by engaging in swimming.

2. Komodo Dragons Are Capable of Climbing Trees: Not all Komodo Dragons can climb trees, Only the young ones can use their claws to climb trees, as they are less weighable than the adults. Younger Komodo Dragons are vulnerable to predators, such as from other Komodo Dragons itself. 

So, In order to defend themselves from predators, these younger Komodo Dragons climb trees and spend the majority of their time by hunting birds, lizards, squirrels, etc in trees until they are ready to meet predators on the ground.

3. Komodo Dragons Are Capable of Running Faster: Even though Komodo Dragons tend to be slower or slower moving animals, When they notice their prey, Komodos will sprint up to 20 kilometers per hour in order to give them venomous bites to slow down and finally lead to death. 

4.Komodo Dragons Are Capable of Attacking Animals:  Attacking animals for food, which can include attacking other animals and even their own species, such as other Komodo Dragons, especially young Komodos and adult Komodos when the food is scarce. Attacking other Komodos to show their dominance, which include fighting between them to gain dominance in a group of Komodo Dragons. Attacking other male Komodos to gain female mates, which include fighting between males to show their superiority in order to gain female Komodo Dragons for mating.

What do the Komodo Dragons can Eat?

Since Komodo dragons are carnivores and also larger animals that belong to the lizard family, they are known to consume a wide range of animals, from smaller to larger animals, including other Komodos. 

However, the foods of Komodo Dragons vary depending on whether they are adults or young, and also whether they live on land or in trees.

Foods of Adult Komodo Dragons   

  • Buffalos
  • Deers
  • Pigs
  • Goats
  • Horses
  • Snakes
  • Fish
  • Carrion
  • Other Komodos

Foods of Young Komodo Dragons   

  • Smaller lizards, insects, birds, and eggs.
  • Smaller snakes
  • Rodents such as rats, and shrews
  • Birds
  • Eggs
  • Squirrels
  • Monkeys
  • Geckos
  • Skinks.

How Big Komodo Dragon Are?

Weight: The male Komodo Dragon weighs around 90 Kg, while the female weighs around 73 Kg.  Thus males tend to grow larger and heavier than females. Length: A male Komodo Dragon can reach a length of 2.6 metres, while a female can reach a length of 2.3 metres. 

Did you notice, How long they are compared to the average human body length of 1.6 to 1.8 metres  "The Columbia Zoo has the world's largest Komodo Dragon" , which measures 10 feet or 3 metres in length and weighs 166 Kg, making it larger than other komodos. 

This is incredible, When compared to normal Komodos, which can weigh up to 90 Kg and grow to be 2.6 metres long.

Where Do Komodo Dragons Live?

Since it is illegal to keep Komodos as pets, We can expect them to live either in their natural environments, such as in the wild, forests or in an artificial setting, such as a zoo.Right! However, they are few in numbers, and are seen in some parts of the world. This indicates that they are endangered species, which may be one of the strong reasons for why they should not be kept as pets.

Natural habitats of Komodo Dragons

Here is a list  of Natural habitats of Komodo Dragons that belong to southeastern Indonesia:

  • Komodo Island
  • Rinca Island
  • Gili Montang Island
  • Gili Dasami island
  • The Island of Flores

A list  of Artificial or semi-natural habitats of Komodo Dragons:

  • San Diego Zoo in California
  • San Francisco Zoo in California
  • Riverbanks Zoo & Garden in Columbia
  • Houston Zoo in Texas
  • Birmingham Zoo at Alabama
  • Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, DC

What else can you keep as a pet ? (Instead of a Komodo Dragon

The following is a list of lizards that can be legally or lawfully kept as pets:

  1. Iguanas (A omnivorous lizard).
  2. Bearded dragon (A herbivorous lizard).

1.Iguanas (A herbivorous lizard): Iguanas are herbivorous lizards that are one of the most common pets among the lizards. They can grow large and have a lifespan of up to 20 years. which require proper training and a lot of space, food and attention. They have sharp teeth and claws, and in self-defense, they can deliver a more powerful and painful bite.

2.Bearded dragon (A omnivorous lizard): Can Bearded Dragon be Pets? Yes, We can have the Bearded Dragon as pets, because it is an omnivorous lizard that is less likely to bite humans. However, it can give the venomous bites that can kill the small creatures but not the human.

Can A Bearded Dragon Kill You? No, A Bearded Dragon’s bite would not kill you. Since these bites contain mild venom that can kill small creatures but not the large ones, such as humans, However, they can cause injuries and extreme pain. Thus the venom from bearded dragons is not toxic to humans.

What Animals Can Fight With Komodo Dragons?(And Who Can Win The Fight)

It depends on the animal whether the animal is a Carnivorous or Herbivorous because the Carnivorous have the skills required for fight, Whereas the Herbivorous don’t have the skills to fight. And fighting also depends on the animal’s size.

For example, fighting with big animals such as Elephants and Crocodiles can cause death to the Komodo Dragon in some cases.  However, Any animal that is being bitten by the Komodo Dragon will die later except those are immune to Komodo venom. For example, fighting within Komodo may not cause death to them(as they are immune to their venom).

10 Amazing Facts about Komodo Dragons

  1. Komodos are the largest lizards currently living on earth, that are larger in size, weight and length.
  2. Dragons have strong teeth that point backwards, long bodies with long and muscular tails, scaly skin, and sharp claws.
  3. They can be found on the Indonesian islands, which is a natural habitat for Komodo Dragons.
  4. The gland in the lower jaws of Komodo Dragons can produce toxins capable of lowering its prey’s blood pressure, while causing continuous bleeding.
  5. They can detect prey that have gotten away from them after being bitten and also known to dive in the water in order to locate their escaped prey.
  6. It takes about eight months for Komodo Dragon eggs to hatch.
  7. The female komodos secrete a substance in their faeces during reproduction that attracts and aids male komodo dragons in finding them.
  8. When male Komodo Dragons are unavailable for mating, female Komodo Dragons can reproduce through a process known as parthenogenesis.
  9. The female Komodo Dragons have been known to lay as many as 30 eggs.
  10. Komodo National Park was created in 1980 by Indonesia in order to protect and conserve the Komodo dragon and its natural habitat.


Can a Komodo Dragon Kill A Human? Yes, Komodo Dragons can kill humans by biting them with venom that can easily paralyse human muscles and other body parts, resulting in death. They can also hurt and kill animals that are small or weak, with their sharp claws and long muscular tails, apart from their venom bites sometimes.

Can a Komodo Dragon Kill A Lion? If a Komodo Dragon successfully gives a venomous bite to the lion in the beginning of a fight between them it can kill the lion soon, If Komodo Dragon gives the bite after being hurted by a lion then probably it will kill the lion later However, Komodo Dragon  can also die due to the injuries done by the lion during battle between them.

Can Tiger Kill A Komodo Dragon? If the Tiger uses its hunting skills while avoiding being bitten by the Komodo Dragons, it will win the fight against the Komodos. Similarly, If a venomous bite causes  harm to a tiger, Komodo Dragons win.

Can a Jaguar kill a Komodo Dragon? Since Jaguars are quicker and stronger than Komodo Dragons, they can use their hunting abilities to attack and kill them. In some cases, The jaguar, on the other hand, will be killed later by the Komodo Dragon if the Komodo Dragon manages to give the jaguar a poisonous bite.

Which Animal Can Kill A Komodo Dragon? The Honey Badger is a fearless, violent animal with the skill and fast agility to fight with the stronger Komodo Dragons, resulting in death. Apart from Honey Badger, the Komodos can kill one another for several reasons such as in the scarcity of foods, and competition for mates as well.

Do Komodo dragons have any predators?  No,There are no natural predators for the Komodos particularly to the adult Komodos. However, young or baby Komodo Dragons are preyed upon by a variety of predators, including other animals and even adult Komodo Dragons.