Ravens & Crows as Pets ? (3 Things You Need To Consider)

Many people including me feel to have the ravens and crows since they are intelligent than other birds, However, to have them as a pet requires many things such as mainly special permission or license, Is it Legal to keep a ravens or crow as a Pets?

No, it is illegal to keep a raven or crow as pets without permissions, Migratory birds including ravens are protected under the act formed in 1918 that is responsible for the protection of birds that travel long distances to breeding or to lay eggs or even traveling to favorable temperature regions during weather change.

Do Ravens Make Good Pets?

As the ravens are territorial they need a big space or piece of land or forest area similar to a small park giving them a forest feeling which they like as they belong to wild birds. As they are intelligent birds their curiosity can lead to mess-up with surrounding things, that can be opening containers, playing, and hiding your key and jewelry.

They need much more space while playing and bathing as they sprinkle water everywhere and can’t be put in a small cage like other birds. Ravens are noisy birds and to keep them as a pet needs special permission alone we may need to spend money to buy them that can range between $2000 to $6000.

They need a lot of care, attention, and patience and the caretaker should be ready for whatever fantasy they cause in the future as they are adventures.

Ravens can give bites that are strong enough to crush the small bones and are more dangerous to children than adults. They need another Raven or the caretaker all the time as a company. Training adult raven is hard and almost impossible. However, training the ravens from birth or the young stage of their lives is easier than to train the adult.

Is a Pet Raven Dangerous? Yes, a pet raven is dangerous to adults and children, When adults approach their nests they can become aggressive. Whereas it is dangerous to children also as the children usually like to play by grabbing and holding the pet so it can cause irritation and discomfort to ravens leading them to give stronger bites.

How Intelligent Are Crows And Raven? 

Raven and crows are found to be one of the intelligent birds among many birds along with the parrots because ravens like parrots speak and do more than parrots can do such as hiding things, learning, capable of making tools, calling other birds, and animals by imitating like them.

Raven can imitate human words such as ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ etc. Whereas the raven and crows can understand us and play with us and are known also to hide the thing that is luster and shiny such as metals, keys, and even jewelry. 

Raven including some of their family members showed self-awareness in mirrors presented to them, along with tool-making abilities also observed. These ravens and crows along including their family members belong to the genus corvids and have amazing abilities in recognizing their caretaker face and human faces as they form certain impressions and feelings toward them.

However, when humans and animals harm or threaten ravens, ravens can show grudge against them not individually but in groups, by interacting with another raven, they can pass grudge, this skill, and behavior they developed to ward off the predators in the wild.

Things to consider before choosing Raven and Crows as Pets? 

Most important is to apply for a license and before it, you should have a strong legitimate reason and a lot of space to keep them.

Second thing, once you bought the license to keep raven as a pet and also a raven especially the young one, Now you should train them without causing stress to them and should be let out of the cage as much as possible because they feel imprisoned inside the cage and frustrated.

They need a lot of space to feel they are controlling their territory as they are wild birds who like freedom and power on their territory. If you put them in a cage then the cage should be big enough to play and perch otherwise it will cause them to feel imprisoned, the duration should be less and it should be at the same time daily with sufficient food, water and toys should be maintained in it.

Where do Raven and Crows Live?

Crows are usually found in all parts of the world as they prefer to live in open areas such as agricultural land and grasslands and also found in urban areas occasionally. Ravens are spread across the world such as northern Europe, Scandinavia, Greenland, throughout Asia, Iceland from the pacific ocean to the Himalayas. and in landscapes such as seacoasts, mountain forests wildlife reserves, and woodlands

Can you Tame a Raven? Yes, we can tame a raven. However, it is easier to tame a young or newborn raven than an adult raven. Note while training ravens you need the license and proper care and experience.

How much is Pet Raven? The known market price of the raven ranges between $2000 to $6000. If you are applying for a license to keep them as a pet it may cost additionally as well and it also depends on the location and cause for them to have as a pet.

What is the Lifespan of Raven and Crown? In natural habitats such as forest raven and crown live around 10-15 years, However, they can live up to 20-30 years if well cared for in zoos or aviary.

What are the Eating Habits of Raven and Crows?

As raven and cows are omnivorous their food can be anything either plant-derived or animal-derived or even both. However, they like to eat the food given to them if they look like those available in the wild or forest such as killed animals, meat, vegetables.

The foods of raven and crows include meat, snail, bugs including human foods and animal foods such as dogs and cat foods.

What do Crows Eat?

The crow can eat plants and plant derived matters such as the grains, rice, squash, seeds, fruits etc. In animals derived matters they can eat the animals that are alive by hunting them, or the dead animals. The living animals are lizards, frogs, small snakes, mices, rodents etc.

The dead animals the crows eat are dead whales, dead fishes at sea shores, dead mice and dead rats on the road and dead wild animals such as the dead deers, birds, dead foxes etc at forests.

What are the Feeding Behaviors of Crows?

When it comes to the list of foods that a crow eats, It’s better to ask what crows don’t eat? so that the list goes very short, because the crows are known to eat everything that an animal can eat, which can be plant-derived foods, animals-derived foods and the live animals as well as the dead animals.

The plant and plant derived foods for crows can be grains, corn, popcorn, pizza etc, While animal based foods they can eat are wide varieties, that can be dead, alive or even injured animals as well. The feed on dead animals which makes them scavenger animals as well.

They prey on live animals especially the mice, lizards, frogs, small snakes, chicks of other birds, rats, and newborn puppies as well. Their dead animal food can be dead rats, birds, deer, etc. However, they are also known to opportunistic hunters, that is they attack the injured and weak animals, they eat the half dead and half live leading to death.

Crows are known to eat the dead animals that are found at the road, forests, lakes, and sea shore. These dead animals can be lizards, dead snakes, dead frogs, dead puppies, dead rodents etc. However, they can take down the half dead or injured animals and kill them by eating.

What do Raven Eat?

Ravens are omnivorous birds that means they can eat anything. They eat plant derived foods such as fruits, apples, pears, grapes, grains, corn, and Animal-derived foods such as mice, rats, squirrels. Table scraps, and waste foods at the dustbins.

They can also eat dead animals called carrions such as the road killed animals such as small snakes, birds, lizards, frogs etc. or the live animals by hunting them such as the mice, rats, other birds and their nestlings including eggs. The dead aquatic animals that are floating across the sea shore such as dead whales, dead squids and dead crabs and turtles as well.

What is the Feeding Behavior of Ravens?

Ravens are carrion feeders or scavengers as they are found to feed on the partial or whole bodies of dead animals such as dead mice, dead rats and dead aquatic animals at the shores. The deer, moose, elk, fishes, frogs, coyotes are treated by ravens as foods, especially if these are carrion. These feeding behaviors make the ravens carrion and scavenger birds.

Ravens are opportunistic hunters as they are found to harass other birds until they drop their food. When other birds catch their foods, especially fish or other creatures that are difficult to find or hunt, the ravens will come into play the opportunistic hunter play, that is it will force the other birds to drop their foods or prey by chasing.

This usually happens when there is scarcity of food, the food caught by other birds is the ravens favorite food, raven is the dominant while the other birds that caught the food are the weak.

Ravens also like to eat aquatic creatures such as fish, shelled animals, etc. They drop the shelled animals on the road in order to kill them and eat them easily. 

During bad climates and harsh seasons, we can see ravens visiting bird feeders sometimes for food in the feeder or to catch the other birds that visit for feeding. However, Raven can eat the sunflower seeds in the feeder, and other foods present in the feeder boxes.

Some ravens are known to attack the kittens that are alone in open places, puppies in the garden, newborn animals, young rabbits,  baby raccoons and foxes  are the food sources for adult ravens. 

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Which is smarter crow or raven? Both Crows and ravens are intelligent birds. However, Ravens are little bit more intelligent than crows because ravens can imitate the calls of crows and other animals in the wild which can be birds such as geese, jays, and animals such as foxes. Ravens also distract other birds while other ravens are engaged in stealing eggs, and nestlings.

Are ravens and crows the same type of bird? They are black birds and both belong to the same family called corvidae. However they are different species in the same family. They differ from each other because differences in their tail shape, appearance, bill size, neck length, habitat.

What is the smartest bird on earth? Parrots and the corvids species are intelligent birds. However, Corvid members such as crows, ravens, and jays are intelligent because Raven can mimic other animals such as its own family members like crows. Crows and ravens found to solve puzzles.