Why do Pigeons Fly in Circles?(Common Reason)

As a pigeon and pet breeder, wildlife observer, and caretaker, I was repeatedly fascinated by why do pigeons flying in circles? which led me to study their history and behavior.

There are several reasons for pigeons to fly in circles such as to feel the earth’s magnetic field and to sense the odor through the wind to navigate, and wait or keep flying in a circle until its remaining friendly pigeons from the ground join them to fly in the air and to avoid attack from predators they fly in circles.

Common Reasons for Pigeons to Fly in Circle :

Pigeons fly in circles for navigational purposes by using earth’s magnetic fields, the sense of smell, to avoid raptor or predators, to exercise, and to teach the young pigeons to fly.

Let’s go through them in detail.  Various birds exhibit various behaviors to survive and to escape predators, flying in circles is one natural behavior in most birds like pigeons to avoid raptors or predators such as eagle, hawk, crow.

Birds in flocks are much safer than alone so we usually see all types of animals including birds try to stay in herds or flocks so it is difficult for predators to trace or find which birds or animals to attack out of many birds or animals. Pigeons flock together and fly together in circles to avoid and escape predators that usually fly alone such as eagles and hawks.

When pigeons take off, they continue flying in a circle in a specific area until all their pigeon friends also unite and fly together and until they are regrouped so that they can all decide the destined location and direction to fly together in search of food, to migrate, to escape raptors or predators and often to teach young pigeons how to navigate using the magnetic field and sense of smell. 

This behavior of pigeons flying in circles until all pigeons are joined together is taken as the advantage by humans, that is by releasing pigeons one after the other at events such as weddings, funerals, and other events making them fly in circles, over a prolonged period producing liberation effects on these events until all pigeons are gathered together in the air.

Many small pigeons are inexperienced, that are prey to the raptors typically engage in flying in circles automatically if they are startled after sensing something scary like a sudden sound blast, etc. leading the other pigeons to launch flight in circles, whereas the other experienced pigeons do not fly immediately because they can notice whether the threat is dangerous or not.

However, When one pigeon starts flying in a circle, the rest of the flock join one after the other in a queued manner or even simultaneously, leading them to fly in circles in both cases for a long period, and the duration of the flight in a circle often depends on how bigger the flocks of pigeons are.

Paramyxovirus infections not only cause permanent damage to the kidney of the pigeon but also to the nervous system, leading to vision, flying, orientation issues when flying, and walking on the ground. Harm to the nervous system makes the head turn upside-down and fly in various patterns as well.

Why Do Pigeons Stay On My Roof?

Pigeons fly in circles and landing on the same rooftops is a common and natural behavior shown by pigeons. This activity is found in the rock dove which is the original precursor to urban pigeons that are domesticated today.

The elder pigeon flock normally flies above their nests in circles to teach the new younger pigeons to fly as part of the practice. Some pigeons fly in circles over their nest to remain there while playing in the form of flying and even in search of food. 

Do Pigeons Fly at Night? The pigeons do not necessarily fly at night until they are being disturbed by humans, cats, and other animals causing them to fly abruptly from place to place till morning.

Do Pigeons Attack Other Birds?

Pigeons do not attack other birds, but pigeons are being attacked by other birds such as eagles, falcons, and hawks.

However, pigeons can attack other pigeons living in flocks because in a pigeon flock if any pigeons get sick, become weak, weak pigeons attract the predators, so sick or wounded pigeon is a threat to entire pigeon flocks, so the remaining healthy pigeons peck the sick until it dies.

If the sick pigeon is male, no matter if the sick pigeon is elder or alpha pigeon, the healthy pigeons kill the sick one, while if the sick pigeon is female, even if it has an egg inside the body, the healthy pigeons from flocks kill by pecking at it and even pushing it sometimes from elevated places such as roof, balcony, and trees, resulting in her egg breakage inside her body causing her death too.

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Why do Pigeons come to my House?

There are several reasons for pigeons to come or visit your house such as it is a place for shelter, noise-free, peaceful, your house is near to its food and water source.

Pigeons may found nest somewhere in your house, some member or children of your family gave them love and food or they found food in past in your house roof which you did not notice but they remembered it well and there are other reasons may be involved for pigeons to visit your sweet house.

Why Do Pigeons Sit On My Roof?

  • For pigeons, Living or sitting on the roof is common, but there are many reasons for them to sit on the roof, such as 
  • If the old pigeon nest is demolished or removed, a new place to live must be discovered so in search of it they may visit and rest on the roof. 
  • If there is more or much more food and water available on your roof or close to your home, they will sit on your roof since it is close to their source of food. 
  • If pigeons feel safe on your elevated roof from predators such as eagle, falcon, and cat, they will sit on the roof. 
  • Even though only a few pigeons are fed by some person close to your house or even your family members or children, in the past consciously or unconsciously, pigeons will remember it well making them visit along with their flocks. 
  • If one or two pigeons have nested in your roof or home, more pigeon guests come to meet the nested pigeon on your roof. In other words, the nested pigeon draws their flock of pigeons sometimes while in search of food or on the way toward their home.
  • If your roof is suitable for a pigeon as a breeding ground, offering them shelter, safety, food, and water, and protection from predators, wind, and rain.

How Do I get Rid of Pigeons? To get rid of pigeons we can eliminate food sources, remove nesting materials, use bird netting to avoid birds entry and building nests, remove the birdbath, bird spikes are also used these are the equipment that can be installed on a flat surface to avoid birds. bird wire or anti-pigeon wire, Install anti-roosting spikes that are helpful too.

Are Pigeons bad for your House?

Whether pigeons are bad or good to your house depends on the context or the need you have, However, the number of problems usually caused by pigeons are shared below.

As pigeon dropping contains viruses and harmful bacteria, the pigeon can bring illnesses to other birds you have as a pet and to humans and other animals.

Diseases can be Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, and Psittacosis. If we avoid pigeons, so the corresponding viruses will also be avoided. Their droppings have a corrosive effect on the property. Pigeons can cause a fire if they nest around electrical circuits and lines of the house.