List Of 23 Finding Nemo Fish Names You Need To Know (With Pictures)

There are most beautiful fishes in the ocean that are not known to us. However, The movie ‘Finding Nemo’ introduced those beautiful fishes that can be put in our aquarium. 

This article explores the Names of the fishes in the movie ‘FInding Nemo’ and more information about those fishes.

What are the Names of all the Fish in Finding Nemo?

There are more than 20 fishes and other aquatic animals are seen in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ However, The most famous, interesting and leading characters of them are listed below.

SL.Fish name in the MovieType of Fish or Biological Name
1Nemo, Marlin & CoralClownfish
2DoryRoyal Blue Tang or Surgeon Fish
3BruceGreat White Shark
4ChumMako Shark
5AnchorHammerhead shark
6Crush & SquirtSea Turtles
7GillMoorish Idol
8BubblesYellow Tang
9FloStriped Damselfish
10GurgleRoyal Gramma Basslet
11PeachOchre Sea Star or Seastar
12BloatPuffer Fish Or Porcupine Pufferfish
13DebBlack & White Damselfish
14JacquesPacific Cleaner Shrimp
15BaileyBeluga Whale
16Nigel & Gerald Brown Pelican
17Pearl & Ted Flapjack Octopus
18Sheldon & BobSeahorse
19Tad & BillLongnose Butterflyfish
20Mr. Ray Spotted Eagle Ray
21AnchorHammerhead Shark
22ChumMako Shark


Nemo is a young clownfish that is playful and lovely. This is the main character that played the role of Clownfish in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’.

The Nemo and Marlin is a type of Clownfish that has an orange colored body with tree white stripes that are characteristic features of them.

The Nemo and Marlin live in sea anemones because the anemones have tentacles with stinging cells that can sting other sea animals rather than the Nemo and Marlin since Clownfish have mucus in their bodies that can protect from stinging. However, The food left by these Nemo and Marlin that is clownfishes are taken by these anemones, thus in return the anemones give shelter and protection to these Clownfish named as Nemo and Marlin in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’.


Marlin is a father of Nemo who always thinks and cares about Nemo because he was the only one who survived among many eggs during the attack of barracudas. 

However, the Marlin father also lost his wife called Coral during this attack done by barracudas while Nemo was born from a little bit damaged egg that resulted one side of the fin of Nemo to be smaller than the other.


The mother of Nemo is a Clownfish called Coral, who died during the attack of barracudas.

4.Dory (Royal Blue Tang or Surgeonfish)

The Dory is a character representing the surgeonfish or regal blue tang species of fish. This Dory is suffering from short-term memory-loss.

Dory or the regal blue tang fish have a brilliant blue colored body, dark blue stripes on the back with yellow stripes on the fins and on the tail.

There are about 75 species of tang fishes in which these 75 types, the Dory represents the regal blue tang type of species. It is one of the cute and colorful fish in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’.

5.Bruce (Great White Shark)

The Bruce is a species of fish that represent the Great White Shark in the ocean that belongs to a species of large mackerel shark. It is the monster who tries to eat other fishes including the main character of the movie called Nemo who is a Clownfish species.

Bruce is a great white shark with grey colored body except at its belly which is white in color, and has sharp teeth, sharp conical snout and little freaking eyes and crescent shaped tail. These are the fast swimmers in the ocean and a great eating monster that can weigh about 2000 Kg and can reach 18-22 feet or about 6 m in length.

6.Gill (Moorish Idol)

Gill is a fish character representing the Moorish Idol species. Gill is the leader of the Tank Gang.

The Gill or Moorish Idol are black, white and yellow colored fishes with sharp moths similar to beaks and long dorsal fins. It is sensitive to stress and has a short lifespan.

7.Bubbles (Yellow Tang)

Bubble is a fish that represents the Yellow Tang species. 

The Bubbles or Yellow Tang is brilliant yellow colored fish that have a white barb at the tail fin. This can grow upto a length of 20 cm.  The males of the yellow tang are larger than their females. The males and females are indistinguishable.

These Yellow Tang can be a beautiful fish for your saltwater aquarium. There should be only Yellow Tang in an aquarium other types of fish if present these Yellow Tang become aggressive toward them.

8.Bloat (Puffer Fish Or Porcupine Pufferfish)

Bloat is a fish representing the Puffer Fish Or Porcupine Pufferfish species. These are also known as balloonfish or blowfish because of their round and inflated appearance.

This Bloat fish is a toxic fish and is one of the poisonous vertebrates in the world. They are slow swimmers and dumb fishes that is advantageous for predators to attack them. However, it’s a toxic feature in its body that causes them to survive till today.

9.Jacques(Pacific Cleaner Shrimp)

The Jacques is a character that represents the Pacific Cleaner Shrimp species.

Jacques or Pacific cleaner shrimp are famous for cleaning. These shrimps look dangerous due to their number of legs, orange body, and black eyes but in reality they are not at all dangerous creatures.

10.Peach(Ochre sea star or sea star)

The Peach is a pink colored marine animal actually without a brain that represents the ochre sea star species or simply sea star species, or starfish, even though they are not actually fish but referred to as starfish because of the convenience set in the past.

The Peach or ochre sea star is a large type of sea star that has five arms, rough skin surface, and has purple or red-pink colored bodies. These are found in the oceans at  the west coast of the US and   coast of California, U.S. They typically eat bay mussels, barnacles  and other sea creatures. Its lifespan is about 20 years and may vary on whether they are ocean or captivity.

11.Gurgle (Royal Gramma)

Gurgle is a beautiful fish character in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ that represents Royal Gramma species of fish. 

Gurgle Or Royal Gramma is a small colorful fish as it has pink, orange and yellow colors in its body with relatively large eyes. Irrespective of their size, which is 3 inch their aggression is more, especially when they have been put with similar kinds of species in a tank or aquarium.  It is found in the Atlantic Ocean and can be a fish for your aquarium like other fishes.These feed on the plankton, zooplankton and phytoplankton. 

12.Deb (Black & White Damselfish)

Deb is a character of fish representing the Damselfish species in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’.

The Deb or Damselfish is a white and black colored stripe. This Deb or Damselfish can reach a length of 6 inches and are fast swimming fishes that show territorial  behaviors. This Damselfish is one type of fish among the 250 different types that vary in colors such as red, yellow, orange, blue etc, that are found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 

We can have Damselfish in our aquarium but there should be enough space for other species of fishes or else these Damselfish become territorial and aggressive towards the neighbor fish species for space and food. 

The Black & White Damselfish feed on small crustaceans, plankton, and algae. 

13.Crush & Squirt (Sea Turtles)

Crush and Squirt are the names of the turtles in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ that actually represent the Sea Turtles species. The Squirt is the son of Crush. The Crush is a small character who helps the Marling that is the father of Nemo, and Dory to find Nemo.

These Crush and Squirt  are the marine adapted turtles which belong to one species among the many types of sea turtles that all vary by color, size, diet, lifespan, etc. 

There are many characters in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’. However, we have listed some of the leading and interesting characters in the following table.

What species of Fish had the lead role in Finding Nemo?

The clownfish species roles are played by Nemo, Marlin and Coral. While the Royal Blue Tang species character played by Dory in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’.

The character called Nemo is a young fish without experience, is curious in exploring the marine lead to him losing his family.

The next leading character called Marlin is a father of Nemo fish, who is always trying to care and teach this young Nemo about the marine life and danger that would come from other sea creatures such as Bruce, that is, the Great white shark.

The other character called Dory is a friend of Marlin, who is on a mission to help Marlin to find his son,Nemo. However, While in search of Nemo, Dory will drive Marlin crazy as she was suffering from the short-term memory loss in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’.

Who is the Angelfish in Finding Nemo?

The Gill is the name given to a fish in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’, Whose biological name is Moorish Idol. Gill or Moorish Idol is the angelfish in the movie ‘Finding Nemo.’ that played the role with a name called Gill. The angelfish or the Gill is the leader of the Tang Gang.

What type of Starfish is Peach in Finding Nemo?

Ochre Sea Star or Seastar is given a role with the name Peach in the movie  ‘Finding Nemo’. 

The Peach is marine animals without brains, and is a Sea star, particularly belongs to Ochre Sea Star, that is also called as starfish even though they are not fish and does not belong to the fish category. 

However, The Peach is a purple colored Sea star that is found in the marine regions of west coasts of the US and Coasts of California, US. These Sea stars are found to feed on the bay mussels, barnacles, limpets, snails and other marine species. These Sea stars have a lifespan of about 20 years.

  • Peach: A Purple colored Starfish or Sea star. 
  • Peach actual Biological Name: Ochre Sea Star.
  • Peach Friends: Gill, Nemo, Bloat, Deb, Bubbles, Gurg etc.
  • Appeared in the Movie: Finding Nemo, Finding Dory.

Is Nemo a Real Fish?

Yes, Nemo is a real fish, Its actual, real name or biological name is ‘Clownfish’.  However, there are 30 types of Clownfish possible, In which 30 types of Clownfishes the Nemo and his dad called Marlin are both a Ocellaris clownfish type, which is identified by their orange colored bodies with three white colored stripes on it. 

The Nemo or the Clownfish lives in anemones because anemones have stinging cells that are going to sting other intruding animals other than these clownfishes, Thus providing shelter, protection to these clownfish.

What kind of Fish is Nemo?

The Nemo is a fish that belongs to a type of fish called Clownfish. There are about 30 different kinds of Clownfish possible, In these 30 types, the Nemo belongs to an Ocellaris clownfish type.