15 Powerful Birds Symbolism & Their Meaning Explained (With Images)

From Ancient days to current modern days birds are considered to represent many symbols across the world depending upon their features and behaviors such as beautiful colors representing art, white color for peace, and so on. This symbolism of birds varies according to time, region and countries. 

In this article, we have listed some birds and bird’s symbolism with interesting questions about them on spirituality, life and death.

List of Birds Symbolism And Their Meaning

Table showing the many types of birds with their Symbolic meanings:

Sl. No.Bird NamesSymbol
1.CardinalFocus, equilibrium, mystery, trust.
2.CrowTransformation, change, adaption
3.HummingbirdJoy, love, healing, independent, freedom
4.NightingaleLove, secrets, theft.
5.SparrowProductivity, diligence, creativity.
6.BluebirdsJoy, honesty, harmony, happiness, progress.
7.Turkeys Thanksgiving.
8.FalconLongevity, victory, caring, protection.
9.ParrotDiversity, bonding, love, relationship.
10.PeacockBeauty, diversity, serenity, spring, vanity
11.HornbillChild care, good fortune, growth, charm.
12.IbisGod, message,sacredness,worship.
13.CranesPeace, blessings, good luck.
14.Ostrich and emuCare, sacrifice, protection, strength, abundance
15.Owls Insight, wisdom, death.
16.EaglesCourage, rebirth, power
17.Doves Holy spirit, peace, freedom.
18.SwanKnowledge, light, twin flame, purity.
19.Herons Solitude, Protection, Trust.


These doves, especially the white coloured doves represent many things that are connected with positiveness such as mainly peace, love, sharing, settlements, faith, luck, hope, serenity etc.

Why was Dove chosen as a symbol of peace?

Once upon a time, A king was preparing for war, during which he found that his helmet had a dove nest inside it so he left the helmet behind without causing trouble to the dove and its nest.

When he arrived at the battlefield without a helmet the opponent king rejected to fight with the king without helmet and later came to know that about the helmet and dove nest, he turned to make settlement with this kind hearted king. Which all resulted in peace among them. Thus, the dove indirectly avoided the war and led to peace between them. 

Therefore, the doves are used before or during the ceremony, celebrations to show freedom, and peace. In some celebrations, like republic days two or more white doves are released in the air to show symbols of peace and love.

If you see a dove in your dreams then it is a symbol of happiness at hand. The other meanings of the dove are wisdom, happiness, commitment, good counsel, good news, acceptance, and holy spirit.


Parrots represent status symbols, intelligence, attraction, pride, self-confidence, abundance, attraction, self-confidence, high class, royalty, nobility, richness and well-being.

For a hungry person parrots are lucky because he is not far from a fruiting tree. When a man sees a parrot, it is a sign of a good place where plenty of fruits and good weather is available, especially for the hungry man who lost his way in the forest region.

For an artist and poet, Parrots are symbols of creativity, passion, and beauty because of their vivid colours and intelligence they are known to impart creativity and passion in people.

For humans, who are social animals, Parrots represent the symbol of friendliness, communication, joy, togetherness, because parrots are the social birds that live with other animals, showing social skills, bonding, playing and communicating. However, a talking parrot can turn your mood up and make you feel good to have them in your life.

The parrot’s so funny. He imitates me and I don’t even realize he’s doing it. I’m walking around the house talking to myself and whistling and the next day he’s said something I’ve said… it’s scary you know?

The other meanings of a parrot are diversity, creativity, positive attitude, Self-confident, awareness and cleverness.

3.Cuckoo birds

Cuckoo birds Represents fortune, good luck, gift, intuition, good weather and grace.

For farmers seeing a Cuckoo means good luck, results in good weather because usually this bird is assigned with upcoming rain and is considered to be the harbinger of rains, that is a lucky sign for farmers since farmers are waiting for the rain and good weather.

Cuckoos are considered as a symbol of spring in Europe and sometimes considered a happy marriage.

From past many years the cuckoo is treated differently across the world, that is, In Greek mythology it is seen as a sacred of goddess Hera, In India, the cuckoo are considered as a sacred to god Kamadeva, who is the god of desire and longing, and In Japan these birds are the symbols of unrequited love.

For some people the cuckoo is the symbol of laziness, since they are going to lay their eggs in other birds’ nests and don’t care about their own chicks thus, they are seen as a symbol of laziness. When cuckoo sings, they represent badness depending on the number of calls it gives in a sing.

The other meaning of Cuckoo is good omen, opportunity. However, they are also a symbol of distraction, thief, robber, since they are brood parasites.


Eagles represent many more symbols because they are famous across the world. However, the most important symbols of them are freedom, loyalty, courage, victory, independence, responsibility, and power.

For most of the tribe peoples and leaders, the eagle is a symbol of courage, power, victory because they are the birds that are known for soaring high, attacking other birds, eating fresh animals only and are also used for hunting other animals.

For most of the lovers, the eagle is a symbol of loyalty because they are the birds that stay with her mate until either of them dies, that is to represent the loyalty for its life partner.

“The sky belongs to eagles, even during storms.”

For people who want victory see the eagles as the bird with victory. Once it flies into the sky it can find the prey that are far away from them, and capable of winning most of the time irrespective of the prey size. Therefore, the eagles also convey the symbol of victory.

The other meanings of an eagle are strength, liberty, manifestation, sacredness, intelligence, humble, strength, exploration, higher perspective, liberation and response.

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Owls represent wisdom, change, bravery, intuition, focus, trust, protection, victory, vision, clarity, power of Silence, attention, knowledge, action and learning.

Owls are known for symbols of death, that is, in ancient Rome, modern European and American folklore they are considered as the symbol of death that will occur in the near future.

If we encounter an owl, it is a good symbol of trust, that is we have to take brave decisions and action by having faith in us. We have to go forward in our life by taking small steps while believing our actions give positive results.

The appearance of owls in a dream tells you to awake with your own intuition, inner wisdom, and talents for the difficulties you are facing in life and also trust yourself.

Owls are considered as a symbol of protection, especially when it flies on the soldiers who are headed towards a battle. In Greek ancient traditions the owls that fly above the army represent their victory will happen in a battle field.

Owls are symbols of ghosts, demons because they are nocturnal animals, active at night and encountering or seeing them at night frighten the people because of their ghost and human-like face thus they are considered to be bad.

“The owl is the wisest of all birds because the more it sees, the less it talks.”

The other meanings of owls are opportunity, mystery, awareness, strength, mastery, wisdom, transformation, intuitive development, divine, fierce, death and magic.

6. Blue Jay

The Blue Jay represents joy, honesty, harmony, intelligence, safeguard and protection.

The blue jay is considered as a symbol of intelligence and wisdom because it is found to show intelligence behaviours than other birds. This blue jay is found to use good materials while building their nests, use different tactics to obtain their food, thus seeing a blue jay and its nest can be a sign of knowledge to the viewer.

People have the Blue jay tattoos to show they are creative, intelligent and excellent in their fields such as artists, poets, and politics.

They are also a symbol of aggression and protection because when it comes to safeguard their nestling and eggs, they will become aggressive leading to attack bigger animals. Therefore, they are considered as a symbol of aggression and protection.

The other meanings of Blue jay are caring, bravery, talent, patience, independent, determined, faith, trust, protection and devotion. 


The Cardinal represents family, confidence, magnificent, self, power, support, strength, inspiration, pride, hopefulness, clarity and opportunity.

The Cardinal is a symbol of long love because these birds stay together until either of them die or are lost. their relationship is stronger, even when the female cardinals are engaged in building nests the male cardinals will support her to complete the nest building task.

After breeding they even found to stay together for the next reproductive season and stay together while eating, flying and breeding. Therefore, they are the symbol of long relationships and eternal love.

They are considered as the symbol of caring, protecting because in breeding season the male and female are known to attack the intruders of their nestling and eggs in order to protect and care for their chicks. Thus, these are also a symbol of caring and protecting.

The other meanings of the cardinals are caring, power, blessing, striving, self-empowerment, goal oriented, helping, guarding, fierce, intuitive, inventive and protecting.


Crow represents intelligence, magic, bravery, knowledge, wisdom, honour, daring, social gathering, evil, darkness, robbery and bad ethics.

Crows are considered as a symbol of intelligence because in these bird’s intelligence have been seen while they are trying to obtain their food in many difficult situations.

They are a symbol of theft, evil, robbery because crows are the thief when it comes to obtaining food that is they rob other animals food such as dog foods, cat foods, etc. they are also a symbol of evil that is they will catch the chicks of other birds and kill them for the food, which is an evil act. 

Crows are symbols of social gathering, social bonds because they usually flock together when either they have found a food that is shared among the flock members which is an interesting behaviour in them.

They are the symbol of badness because across the world they are used by humans to represent bad action, evil behaviours making them a symbol for badness.

The other meaning of badness, fear, evil, trauma, magic, sickness, caution, manipulation, distraction, avoidance, bad will, and alchemy.


The Raven represent power, magic, self-discovery, beauty, uplift, enlighten, social bonds, communication, messenger, evil, death, misfortune, 

The raven is considered as a symbol of misfortune, evil that is when people are heading or starting a good work if they encounter a raven or group of ravens calling one another is considered as a sign of misfortune, and evil.

These usually call other ravens when they see a road killing animals that becomes food for them all, so if they reluctantly give call to one another it is a sign of death or death is available for them to feast. Their encounter makes either good or bad things happen in the near future that is most people believe to be true thus it is a symbol of something bad or good will make your life transform.

Ravens are a symbol of helpmate that is true and we can see this behaviour when they find food that will be shared among other ravens and at least with their mates.

The other meanings of raven are guide, helper, rebirth, patience, change, learning, clean, dark, and progress.


Stork represents balance of life, fortune, long relationship, graceful, faithful, creative, protection, fierce, trust and prosperity.

Stork is a symbol of balance of life because these birds are usually found to stand on one leg thus keeping the body weight on their one leg, a kind of yoga, that behaviour represents the balance of life in every situation.

They are the symbol of never-ending relationships and faithful because these birds are monogamous, that is they mate for life, they live together, eat together, travel together until either of them dies naturally or is lost. Thus, they are the symbol of the long relationship, faithful that is never going to end.

Other meanings of storks are luck, fortune, affinity, influence, divine, safety, happiness, fertility, birth, longevity and partnership.

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The Ibis represents good luck, wisdom, ability to work magic and good fortune.

The ibis is a symbol of sacredness and worship, since the Ancient Egyptians believed that these ibis are the god incarnations on earth. Therefore, they are treated as sacred god Thoth, that is meant for maintaining the universe.

Ibis is a symbol of social, god, moon as the Ancient Egyptians referred to these ibises as a symbol of Thoth, that is, the god of moon. 

In ancient Egypt the ibis is a bird associated with good luck. These ibises are the symbol of great wisdom and the ability to work magic. 

The ibises are the symbol of good luck. Thus, in olden days, some people believed that wearing an ibis feather would bring good fortune.

The other meanings of ibises are mighty, fortune and birth.


The bluebird represents happiness, awakening, spreading Joy, community, creativity, imagination, self, passion, encouragement.

Bluebirds are the symbols of happiness, progress and contentment. Therefore, these blue birds colours are used in offices, houses because many people believe that the blue colour brings happiness, progress, contentment and joy.

Bluebird is a symbol of awareness of the divine, harmony, honesty, and security as their colours and symbols are used by healers, therapists since the bluebirds are known to increase awareness, divinity, harmony, honesty, joy and security.

Bluebirds are the symbol of renewal, rebirth, that is, some American believe them as symbols of renewal, change, that is they are the symbol of a spring, transformation and growth.

The other meanings of a bluebird are good news, appreciation, bless, glory, passion, gentleness, self-defence, strength and aggression.


The Hornbill represents care, especially child care, protection, and good fortune.

The Hornbill is a symbol of child care because these birds are known to care and protect their chicks thus if you ever see a hornbill then you are supposed to take care of your children in all respects of their lives and make sure their future will be good.

The Hornbill is a symbolic bird of power, good fortune as these birds is famous and used as a power across the world such as India, Malaysia, Ivory Coast, Nepal, Indonesia, Nigeria, and New Guinea.

The appearance of a hornbill in a dream is a symbol of good fortune in your life that is for you and your family there will be a good fortune waiting to come from other people or organisations.

The hornbill is a symbol of growth that is the people who connected with the hornbill will have a goal-driven behaviour, they do not often give up rather they will keep trying different approaches to reach their goal.

The other meanings of a hornbill are ability, charm, connection, trying consistently, learning, sacrifice, overcoming and defence.

14.Ostrich and Emu

The Ostrich represents health, wealth, abundance, fertility, fear, playfulness, progress, self-worth, danger, caring, sacrifice and devotion.

The Ostriches are the symbol of wealth, abundance, fertility because of the large size and other special traits of the ostriches, they are considered as the symbol of wealth, abundance and fertility. 

The Ostriches are the symbol of strength because they are large and powerful birds with a great amount of strength in them, they are considered a symbol of strength and power.

Appearance of an ostrich in a dream is a symbol of fear, because they are often found to bury their head in the ground that is a symbol of fear and avoiding. Therefore, they are assigned to a symbol of fear, blind for opportunities and also to the danger.

The Male Emu are the symbol of caring, sacrifice because the female partner as soon as she lays her eggs hands them to male emu bird for protecting the eggs and caring for the chick.

Thus, the male emu after receiving eggs from her partner takes care of eggs without eating and drinking anything which all make them lose their body weight that is all the male emu bird can sacrifice. Therefore, the male emu is considered as a symbol of sacrifice, caring and protecting.

The other meanings of an ostrich are adaptability, goodness, fortune, energy, protection, freedom and independence.


The kingfisher represents courage, strength, risk taking, balance, relax, create balance, and regain control.

The kingfisher has a symbol of courage, wild and bold because of the kingfisher behaviours such as fiercely taking wild actions makes them to be considered as a symbol of courage, wild and bold decision.

The kingfisher has a symbol of danger because of the kingfisher’s behaviours such as taking an over risk action due to their overconfidence and lack of fear results in danger to them.

The kingfisher has a symbol of patience and hard work because of the kingfisher behaviours that is fishing which requires great amount of patience to find the source that are usually scarce and then fishing are considered as the symbols of patience and hard work.

The other meanings of a kingfisher are sacrifice, patience, lack of fear, strength, protection and prosperity.

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What’s the Spiritual meaning of Birds?

The Spiritual meaning of birds is peace, transformation, eternity, freedom and power. This also shows that you are becoming more humane than before and then that of the other people surrounding you, understanding nature, environment, more than ever thus uplifting your thinking and spirituality.

The birds are the spiritual symbols that is when a man attains a certain level of spirituality he will be surrounded by animals, especially by the birds in his great spiritual encounters and thinking.

What do Birds symbolize in Art? They represent talent, hard work, creativity, consistency and appreciation of nature because birds come with a wide range of colours that inspire artists, painter. while their shapes, size and ability to build beautiful nests also a symbol of art.

Bird that Symbolizes Death: The birds that are the symbols of death are phoenix, crows, vultures, owls, ravens, and blackbirds. These birds are assigned with death because often they deal with dead animals that is, engaged in eating dead, killing a live animal, or eating the live animal, so on. These all behaviours make them to be considered as a symbol of death.

What do Birds Symbolize in Literature? The birds symbolize many things and tales in literature such as those who understand the birds are able to transform into the birds, those who understand the birds can gain special knowledge. The birds used as a role model to represent the good character in many tales. In Hindu literature there are birds that are in position of gods and vehicles of god as well, which all meant for unique morals